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Hydraulic Stretcher
The bolt hydraulic stretcher is mainly used for fixed value fastening and disassembly of bolts in various specifications. It uses the tensile stress produced by ultra high pressure to elongate the stressed bolt in its elastic deformation range, so as to achieve the bolt preload effect. Similarly, when disassembling the bolt, in the function of high pressure oil, the stretcher will slightly elongate the bolt and thereby make the nut easy to loosen. The most understanding feature of the stretcher is that it can make a number of bolts be fastened and disassembled in fixed values at the same time with average stress. It is a safe, efficient, and convenient tool. The hydraulic stretchers designed and manufactured by FROMOR are widely used in shipbuilding, steam turbine, hydropower and other industries. FROMOR can design and manufacture complete bolt fastening scheme, including fastening of submerged nut according to the customers’ requirements without limitation on size.. Through the combination of multiple fastening technologies, the FROMOR has solved most of the problems about bolt fastening in various industries.
Hydraulic Stretcher
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