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In-site Machining Device for Stay Ring and Foundation Ring
In-site machining device for stay ring is the special machine self-developed by FROMO. It first drive the central column to rotate by hydraulic motor, then the support arm and blade carrier to rotate, so as to complete the main movement and circumferential feed movement of turning. Using the blade carrier installed on the support arm, it can realize the radial and axial feed cutting movement of lathe. Please see the figure below for machine structure and layout. It is mainly composed of the base and base arm, central column and bearing seat, support arm of blade carrier, blade carrier, main transmission hydraulic system and other components. The main transmission hydraulic system includes the main transmission system and the fuel supply system. The main transmission system is driven by hydraulic motors, and the main fuel supply system controls the main movement of machine. Before the installation and operation, the fuel tank must be injected 2/3 of liquid level meter height of L-TSA46 hydraulic oil. The machine adopts PLC control system
Technical parameters
Rotating speed of central column: 0.5~5r/min
Travel of slide track: 1000mm
Maximum cutting depth: 1.5mm
Feed: 0.2~0.5mm/r
Maximum machining diameter: 9500mm
In-site Machining Device for Stay Ring and Foundation Ring
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